Locksmith Edinburgh: Make your home more secure

Here are some simple steps to make your Home more secure. Start at the street. Although you may think high hedges would prevent someone gaining access to your property. If they do get into your garden these high hedges also make it easier for them to work unseen. Nature can help consider planting thick thorny

Insurance Survey 28 January 2015

We noted a new insurance survey has been released with figures showing two Edinburgh postcodes as hot spots for housebreakings and theft from gardens across the country. Have a look at our Edinburgh  Locksmith Services to see how we can help make your Home more secure.

Locksmith Edinburgh: Home Security Advice

Crime statistics show that burglaries increase by 20% when the clocks go back and the dark nights draw in, as thieves take advantage of the darker evenings. That’s why we’ve come up with a few useful tips for keeping yourself and your home safe during the dark winter months. Increase security in your home by

Change your locks after moving Home

I was reading an article the other day and it said a survey has revealed that nearly three-quarters of people fail to get their locks changed when they move to a new Home. This leaves them vulnerable to break-ins by anyone who had a key from the previous ownership. Most insurance companies will only pay

Extra Work For Locksmiths In Edinburgh

With the clocks going back at the end of the month and with the dark nights coming it’s a traditional time for break-ins to increase. Also, the run up to Christmas means a burglar may get the added “bonus” of stealing someone’s presents. So don’t let you or your Home be their target. Take a minute or two

Locksmith Edinburgh: HMO Compliant Locks

Lately, we have been fitting numerous thumbturn locks to comply with new Council regulations. The new regulation being enforced means locks using a traditional/mortice type 5 lever key are no longer acceptable. These locks are to be replaced with ones that use a thumbturn to open the door and not a key – to allow

Fixing Problems With Yale Locks In Edinburgh

One of the common calls we get is “my Yale key turns a little bit then stops” it is, however, unusual to get 4 of these calls in a week as happened to us recently. A dropped snib can happen in 3 ways the button has become loose over time and by slamming the door

Locksmith Edinburgh: Emergency Lock Replacement

We fitted 3 new BS3621 Chubb Mortice Deadlocks for a customer this week – two on the front door and one on the back door. We made the front door locks keyed-alike so it meant the customer had fewer keys to carry and had no problem figuring out which key worked which lock as they

Locksmith Edinburgh: City Break-in Report

Noticed an increase in break-in work this week with 3 jobs requiring emergency locksmith services all in different parts of Edinburgh. 1.The first one was a ground floor window that been forced open during the night, luckily they were disturbed and did not actually enter the house. Typically the window was held shut by only

Garage Door Security From Capital Lock Services

We had to upgrade the security to a couple of garages this week as a direct result of a nearby break-in. Garages can be an easy target for thieves as generally they are insecure but can contain some valuable property like bikes or gardening equipment sometimes even providing an easy route into your home through an