Broken door handles or locks?

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Door Handles or Locks Broken?

Door handles and locks are the most common types of door hardware which are prone to failure. These are the most stressed points of a well-used door and over time will simply wear out and need repairing or replacing.

door handle that has broken reomved from the door for replacement

Broken Door Handle

Door handles can fall off revealing the spindle, or they can fail internally – no longer engaging the spindle when the handle is turned. Either way, the handle will need replacing. Occasionally on wooden doors, the mounting screws can’t be secured well enough where they make contact with the door allowing the handle to work itself loose or worse, simply pull away from the face of the door completely.

There’re hundreds of different styles of Door handle. If we are looking for new handles our first stop is Edina Lock and Key on Brandon Terrace, EH3 5EA. They have a good range of handles on display, and many more can be ordered for you.

Door locks can fail in a number of ways. The key can snap in the lock, the lock itself can seize up, parts of the locking mechanism can break internally, and over time the key can also wear down no longer pushing the locking pins/levers into the correct position. At this point, the key will usually go into the lock, but it won’t turn to open it.

Lock failures usually require repairing by a professional as the old lock needs to be removed and the new one installed. Depending on the type and size of lock this may require additional work to the door to install fixings for the new lock and keeper on the door frame.

So if you have a problem with a broken door handle or locks call 0131 556 0470 , and Capital Lock Services can come to your aid.