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Window Lock Security

  Recently been to 2 break-ins whereby thieves gained access by easily forcing the centre fastener on sash and case windows. Good window lock security is often neglected –  its reported that 65% of domestic burglaries occur when a window is forced. If you want to know more  Edinburgh Locksmith Window Locks advice

Steel Reinforced Security Door

Installing High Quality Locks In Your Home

Hi-quality locks and solid doors are the front lines of home security. Burglars like to get into the house the same way you do – by walking through the door. That’s the easiest way for them to get items out, too. Hi-quality doors and locks make unwanted entry difficult and time-consuming – two things no

Internal Door Lock

Securing Your Property

Security Essentials Take a close look about your property: Does it encourage or discourage a would-be intruder? Most of the top ways to enhance the security of your building are remarkably simple. Clever property maintenance, effective lighting, and a number of effective locks go a big way in decreasing your properties attraction to intruders. When

Basic Tips for Home Security

  There are some basic home security tips you can undertake to protect your home from a break-in not just at this time of year as the dark nights are here but all year-round. Think about good basic housekeeping routines that aren’t expensive. Basic Home Security Tips Do’s & Don’ts Don’t leave keys on the inside

Lock Snapping Technique Used By Burglars

Lock snapping first appeared in North Yorkshire but has now become more widespread and has recently been seen in Edinburgh by Capital Lock Services. With the locks most at risk of lock snapping being those fitted with a Euro-profile cylinder (typically uPvc and composite doors where the handle is lifted before the door is locked),

External & Internal Door Security

We see some house-breakings where access has been gained by a forced entry. Consider having an additional Insurance Approved 5 lever mortice lock fitted to spread the resistance to a kicked-in entry. To prevent the door splitting around the area of the mortice lock fit Mortice Lockguards they aren’t expensive and provide a good visual

Locksmith Edinburgh: Make your home more secure

Here are some simple steps to make your Home more secure. Start at the street. Although you may think high hedges would prevent someone gaining access to your property. If they do get into your garden these high hedges also make it easier for them to work unseen. Nature can help consider planting thick thorny

Insurance Survey 28 January 2015

We noted a new insurance survey has been released with figures showing two Edinburgh postcodes as hot spots for housebreakings and theft from gardens across the country. Have a look at our Edinburgh  Locksmith Services to see how we can help make your Home more secure.

Locksmith Edinburgh: Home Security Advice

Crime statistics show that burglaries increase by 20% when the clocks go back and the dark nights draw in, as thieves take advantage of the darker evenings. That’s why we’ve come up with a few useful tips for keeping yourself and your home safe during the dark winter months. Increase security in your home by

Change your locks after moving Home

I was reading an article the other day and it said a survey has revealed that nearly three-quarters of people fail to get their locks changed when they move to a new Home. This leaves them vulnerable to break-ins by anyone who had a key from the previous ownership. Most insurance companies will only pay