Locksmith Edinburgh: City Break-in Report

Noticed an increase in break-in work this week with 3 jobs requiring emergency locksmith services all in different parts of Edinburgh.

1.The first one was a ground floor window that been forced open during the night, luckily they were disturbed and did not actually enter the house. Typically the window was held shut by only a centre fitch fastener which had been forced out of its fixing points as it was only held in place by 3/4 inch screws.

We fitted our Rola Sash Window Stops and the client was happy with these. The other windows in the house were over a basement and so provided no easy access for a potential break-in.


2.Around the Colinton area someone had forced the door open as it was only on the Yale lock. The reason it was only on the Yale lock was because one of the residents was inside this house at the time. We don’t know who got the bigger fright the residents or the housebreaker. They managed to run away hopefully they will think twice before trying to break-in to a home again.

3.Sadly the third break-in is not such a good story as they managed to get in this time and steal the homeowners electrical stuff – laptop, i-pod and games console.

The door was forced open and the mortice keeper and facing came away from the door frame. not only did we patch up the damage we fitted an additional mortice deadlock further down the door and to strengthen the frame we fitted a Birmingham Bar. If you would like a  Mortice Lock or a Birmingham Bar fitted call Capital Lock Services on