Fraudulent Locksmiths

Sadly, we receive 2-3 phone calls a week from clients that have been taken by fraudulent locksmith companies. Sometimes it’s that they were ripped off, sometimes it’s that they need us to come out and repair the damage, but the cause is always the same. The consumer was quoted a low price over the phone, but when the company showed up the charges quickly increase to astronomical rates.

When you hire a locksmith, you are putting your possesions and your family’s safety in the hands of the person you hire. Do NOT give this trust to someone that has lied to you in their advertising or to the lowest bidder. These are indications of the service you are going to receive.

  • Some claiming to be local locksmith companies will have 10 or more separate listings in a single phone book. But the calls to each of these numbers go back to the same central number in a distant city where operators dispatch untrained individuals to do the job.
  • Companies are now posting phony locations on the internet. This is done so their listings dominate your search results and you call them over local locksmiths. Though it is legitimate to post mobile listings in the cities served, it is not legitimate to post a location in every postcode to fool the consumer.