Emergency Call-Out

Locked out? Need your locks changed in a hurry? Call 0131-556 0470

When you need an emergency locksmith anywhere in Edinburgh call Capital Lock Services.

We have no call-out charges and a great response time.

emergency locksmith edinburgh arrival times graph

When you call us you are speaking directly to a local Edinburgh Locksmith and not an expensive call centre somewhere in England. These companies farm the job out to a local sub contractor. If there are call backs or warranty or workmanship issues these are laid on the sub contractor and they absolve themselves of any blame so how do you get it resolved? Don’t put yourself in this position get a local locksmith directly.

For our customers peace of mind our locksmiths have undergone “Disclosure Scotland” checks. (This is equivalent to CRB checks).

Tips on picking a locksmith:

STOP and think does anyone else have keys
LOOK for 3 numbers to call to get an idea of cost – but be aware big companies put in multiple ads to make you think you are phoning a different company. They often have bought 0131 numbers again to fool you into thinking they are local.
LOOK again for an address it may not be local to you but the locksmith might actually be in your area when you call.
LISTEN – who answers the phone? Does it sound like a local guy? If not its probably a call-centre somewhere. Who do you think pays for that? YOU the customer do.

So why take a risk? Just call us – and we will get the job done.


“many thanks for sending one of your guys out so quickly and for such an efficient and economic repair” Mr Kenny, Marchmont

“many thanks for your prompt assistance and the quality of the work” Mr Stringer, Inverleith

So why not call now?

0131-556 0470