Moving Home & Changing Locks

keys to your new homeMoving Home?

When moving into your new home the last thing you will think about is how many keys the former occupant had in their possession. Most householders have many keys cut and pass them onto their relatives, but they are never returned. If its been a rented property who knows how many sets of keys there are? On most occasions you will get one or two sets of keys from your Estate Agent or Roofers, but what happens to the rest? To be sure of your personal security you should always think about changing the locks once you have moved into a new property.

Are the locks on the doors and windows up to Insurance requirements? Window locks should be key operated and any mortice locks should have a Kitemark BS3621.

Same Key Front & Back

When you decide to get your locks changed there’s nothing worse than having a large bundle of different keys to get into your property. Coming home in the dark and trying to find the right key can be a real pain at times. Why not do away with your batch of keys and install a ‘Same Key System’ in your home.

  • No more fiddling around as one key can fit front and back doors.
  • No need to spend anymore money on multi key cutting for yourself and your family members.
  • All fitted systems will come with enough keys to pass around to all who needs one. The keys will be cut in our workshop and tested so we know they will work, first time every time.
  • We can also fit registered key systems. You have to request us to cut extra keys. This prevents unauthorised duplication so if you give a key to someone, you know when you get it back that they haven’t had it copied.
  • If your front door lock fails, then you know you can gain access through the other door.

yale and motice locksmith edinburgh
Here are some examples of the key systems can fit to your home.
If you have a uPVC door (with handles that have to be lifted to lock the door)
cylinder locks

If you have timber front and back doors we can even key-alike your mortice locks.

So if you would like us to provide a free survey and advice on keying-alike your locks call your local Edinburgh locksmith at Capital Lock Services now on

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