Security Door & Frame Reinforcement

Lock guards

advanced lock mechanism
Fitting a mortice lock involves removing wood and this leaves a weakened area around the lock. Lockguards are two long plates that are bolted through the door and fitted around the mortice lock. They clamp the area around the lock and decreasing the likelihood of the door splitting. Guards are available in a variety of coloured finishes and can be used with UK lever locks, euro and oval cylinder locks.


kickstop frame reinforcements

Reinforcing the frame can be done by fitting a London bar or if only a mortice lock is fitted a Birmingham bar. Either bar is screwed down the length of the door frame on the inside. If an attempt is made to kick in the door the bar is designed to spread the load and thus prevent the frame splitting.


Sometimes, often on new build properties, the way the door and frame are constructed means there is a gap between the door and the frame if the deadbolt on the lock is only 14mm (typical on euro deadbolt locks) this gap can be exploited and the door levered open.

By fitting a product called SECUSTRIP we can ensure that there is no access to this gap between the door and the frame. SECUSTRIP consists of two steel strips specially shaped to interlock together. One strip is screwed to the door and the other to the frame.