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Locks For Patio Doors Sliding patio doors are supplied with integral locks, and several different locking systems are used, ranging from a simple hook and bar to elaborate multi-point locking bolts. Old doors generally have a very low level of security, with the locks easy to force and the doors capable of being lifted off

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All About Doors Around 40% of domestic burglaries involve entry through either the front or the back door. To make them more secure you need good locks properly fitted to a sound door and frame, plus some additional security devices to suit individual doors. Your front door is theoretically the most vulnerable because it is

Are Traditional Metal Keys Outdated

As early as the Egyptians, we have been making use of keys to secure and lock our possessions. The traditional key has proven incredibly durable, but as digital security systems grow to be increasingly common, are the years of the simple key running out? It appeared this month that Nissan with keyless ignition starts is

Non-Destructive Entry

Non-Destructive Entry Opening of Historical Door Locks The McEwan Hall at Potterow is undergoing a  major refurbishment (£33 million cost). The doors are being removed to be brought up to modern fire regulations and then refitted. The Contractor came across two locked doors that had to be opened. They had called out two other Edinburgh

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Do you need a Leith Locksmith? 0131 556 0470 Here at Capital Lock Services we pride ourselves on being a genuinely local leith locksmith company serving the people and businesses that surround us. That’s why if you need a locksmith in Leith – if you are locked out of a property in Leith or need

Broken door handles or locks?

Door Handles or Locks Broken? Door handles and locks are the most common types of door hardware which are prone to failure. These are the most stressed points of a well-used door and over time will simply wear out and need repairing or replacing. Door handles can fall off revealing the spindle, or they can

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We see some house-breakings where access has been gained by a forced entry. Consider having an additional Insurance Approved 5 lever mortice lock fitted to spread the resistance to a kicked-in entry. To prevent the door splitting around the area of the mortice lock fit Mortice Lockguards they aren’t expensive and provide a good visual

Why call a local Edinburgh Locksmith?

Why call a local Edinburgh Locksmith (OR why you shouldn’t use a National Locksmith Company)? Ever tried to call a local Edinburgh Locksmith found on the Internet? The chances are that many advertised aren’t local. Competition between Locksmiths is high, so there is no wonder that some national companies are targeting a city like Edinburgh and pretending

Locksmith Edinburgh: Make your home more secure

Here are some simple steps to make your Home more secure. Start at the street. Although you may think high hedges would prevent someone gaining access to your property. If they do get into your garden these high hedges also make it easier for them to work unseen. Nature can help consider planting thick thorny

Insurance Survey 28 January 2015

We noted a new insurance survey has been released with figures showing two Edinburgh postcodes as hot spots for housebreakings and theft from gardens across the country. Have a look at our Edinburgh  Locksmith Services to see how we can help make your Home more secure.