Garage Door Security

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Garage Handles

Up and over garage doors with a single locking handle in the middle of the door like the one shown here are a favourite target for break-ins.

We have two ways we like to secure these types of door.

Garage Door Defender

yale 77 lock
The first method would be to fit a Garage Door Defender. The Defender is padlocked to a footplate that is rawlbolted into the concrete garage base in three places. To fit a defender requires about 8″ of good solid level concrete in front of the door to get the three fixings. As the Defender is bolted into the ground this may not be the best solution for ease of use. But they are approved by Sold Secure.

Garage Door Bolts

garage bolt locking mechanism from outside
Garage door bolts are fitted as a pair, one fitted internally on each side of the door. They are bolted right through the door from the inside and a single turn of the key throws out a steel bolt that locks into the side frame of the garage. Sometimes there can be a large gap between the door and the frame meaning a normal deadlock is not long enough to get a secure amount of the bolt actually locked into the frame. Garage Door Bolts overcome this problem by having a 70mm throw on one turn of the key. This pair of rugged security garage door bolts can be used on all types of up’n’over garage doors of either metal or wood construction. The bolts will suit doors of up to 38mm in thickness.

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