uPVC Door Locks

uPVC Door Locks

These kind of locks are characterised by you having to lift the handles and the turn the key to secure them and are normally fitted to double-glazed doors but are becoming more popular on new composite/timber doors. They generally throw up three kinds of problems as well as lock-outs for lost keys.

A faulty cylinder. Cylinders come in many varying sizes, with or without a thumturn or a satin or brass colour. Cylinders should not stick out from the handles by any more than 5mm but the smaller they stick out the better as this enhances the security. All our cylinders have anti-drill, anti-pick features and come with three keys. We charge the same for our enhanced cylinders as some companies do for their very basic cheap cylinders. As we believe you the customer deserve the best within a reasonable budget. If you need more than one cylinder changed we’ll key them alike for no extra charge.

upvc door lock

Difficult to lift the handles with the door closed. This can mean there has been some movement within the door and frame. It is important to get this problem looked at quickly as if left it can put extra strain on the main gearbox and cause it to fail.

Unable to throw mechanism with the door open. The gearbox has failed. This means it should be replaced. There are many types of door lock strip available from different manufacturers coming with different locking methods (single key turn/fastlock/multi-wind), in different sizes, some with rollers, some with mushrooms, some with hooks and some with additional deadbolts. If the gearbox has failed and the door is locked it has to be opened so we can identify the type of strip required luckily the commonest ones are available from our stock.

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So if you have any problems with a uPVC Door Lock just call Capital Lock Services
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