Install Digital Door Lock Security

Digital Door Lock

Fitting a digital door lock is an increasingly popular way of adding security to a door. Digital door locks are mechanical or electronic door locks where a code is entered via a numbered keypad to open the door with no need for a traditional key. Digital door locks provide a low cost , practical and easy to install security solution for many situations especially for buildings that require a reliable means of access control but where by the issuing of keys or fobs due to the volume of people requiring access to the building is not practical. Due to the vast range of digital door locks on the market they offer a very effective access control solution, for example it could be for a stationary or data storage cupboard within an office environment through to a heavy duty model required on a gate.

Why fit a Digital Door Lock?

One of the best reasons for fitting a digital door lock is the fact you do not have to issue keys to staff – if a member of staff lost that key then the lock would have to be changed and new keys issued and this is not always cost effective. With a mechanical digital door lock fitted your staff would only need to memorise a code and if a member of staff leaves the company or the code is compromised just change the code.


Digital locks come in many variations for example with/without snib facility, lever handle or knob, with/without key over-ride or keypad on both sides (back-to-back) or even fitted to an aluminium door.
Fitting digital door locks

Digital Door Locks aren’t really suitable for a final exit door (outside door) there are better more secure and robust Access Control options. If a digital lock is fitted to an exit door we would also fit a key locking deadlock to be used in conjunction with the digital lock.

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