Latch Protector Strip

Anti-thrust plates are a simple and effective security addition fixed on to the edge of a door. On outward-opening doors it is often possible to see the latch – if the latch can be seen it can be easy to get a tool into the gap and flick the latch to the open position so

Window Lock Security

  Recently been to 2 break-ins whereby thieves gained access by easily forcing the centre fastener on sash and case windows. Good window lock security is often neglected –  its reported that 65% of domestic burglaries occur when a window is forced. If you want to know more  Edinburgh Locksmith Window Locks advice

Install Digital Door Lock Security

Digital Door Lock Fitting a digital door lock is an increasingly popular way of adding security to a door. Digital door locks are mechanical or electronic door locks where a code is entered via a numbered keypad to open the door with no need for a traditional key. Digital door locks provide a low cost

Basic Tips for Home Security

  There are some basic home security tips you can undertake to protect your home from a break-in not just at this time of year as the dark nights are here but all year-round. Think about good basic housekeeping routines that aren’t expensive. Basic Home Security Tips Do’s & Don’ts Don’t leave keys on the inside

Non-Destructive Entry

Non-Destructive Entry Opening of Historical Door Locks The McEwan Hall at Potterow is undergoing a  major refurbishment (£33 million cost). The doors are being removed to be brought up to modern fire regulations and then refitted. The Contractor came across two locked doors that had to be opened. They had called out two other Edinburgh

Lock Snapping Technique Used By Burglars

Lock snapping first appeared in North Yorkshire but has now become more widespread and has recently been seen in Edinburgh by Capital Lock Services. With the locks most at risk of lock snapping being those fitted with a Euro-profile cylinder (typically uPvc and composite doors where the handle is lifted before the door is locked),

Leith Locksmith

Do you need a Leith Locksmith? 0131 556 0470 Here at Capital Lock Services we pride ourselves on being a genuinely local leith locksmith company serving the people and businesses that surround us. That’s why if you need a locksmith in Leith – if you are locked out of a property in Leith or need

Broken door handles or locks?

Door Handles or Locks Broken? Door handles and locks are the most common types of door hardware which are prone to failure. These are the most stressed points of a well-used door and over time will simply wear out and need repairing or replacing. Door handles can fall off revealing the spindle, or they can

External & Internal Door Security

We see some house-breakings where access has been gained by a forced entry. Consider having an additional Insurance Approved 5 lever mortice lock fitted to spread the resistance to a kicked-in entry. To prevent the door splitting around the area of the mortice lock fit Mortice Lockguards they aren’t expensive and provide a good visual

Why call a local Edinburgh Locksmith?

Why call a local Edinburgh Locksmith (OR why you shouldn’t use a National Locksmith Company)? Ever tried to call a local Edinburgh Locksmith found on the Internet? The chances are that many advertised aren’t local. Competition between Locksmiths is high, so there is no wonder that some national companies are targeting a city like Edinburgh and pretending