Fixing Problems With Yale Locks In Edinburgh

yale cylinder lock

One of the common calls we get is “my Yale key turns a little bit then stops” it is, however, unusual to get 4 of these calls in a week as happened to us recently.
A dropped snib can happen in 3 ways the button has become loose over time and by slamming the door it may have dislodged and slipped down deadlocking the door, it may have been snibbed with the latch out and if there’s a big enough gap between the door and frame the slamming of the door can push the latch in far enough to let the door close. Unfortunately, the 3rd way is a bit more serious – a thief may have broken in through a back door or window and then snibbed the door from the inside to warn them of your return.
Usually using our specialist tools we can open most snibbed Yales saving the expense of a new lock.

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